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Invoicing solutions

Comprehensive service to manage invoice receipt and issueing both on paper and in electronic format.

Invoicing is one of the most common tasks to be carried out within any company interchanging products or services. At SGAIM we offer solutions for issueing and reception of invoicing to facilitate and streamline this process with maximum confidentiality.

From printed or digital invoices, we automate data collection required for the treatment, application of rule validation, internal approval processes and integration of the client’s business applications.

Specific solutions

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Client invoicing

Reception, management and sending of the invoices resulting from our client’s list as a supplier. SGAIM receives the documentation through a single file and is responsible for its printing, handling, enveloping, selection of the referral process and postal or email delivery.

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Supplier invoices

Invoice treatment service for data extraction and update in customer management ERP.

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Supplier site

Web environment invoice reception in electronic format as well as publication of the invoice status during the approval, accounting and payment circuit.

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Ticketing and expense notes

Mobility environment applied to expense tracking and recording of expenses by concept and date.

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Medical expenses invoicing

Data extraction and conciliation of the scale rates agreed with hospitals and medical services.


Resistances / Efficiency

1. High demand regarding the control incoming invoices.

2. Decentralized invoice reception.

3. Trouble assigning incoming invoices to their correlative approval level.

4. Extra trouble due to invoice reception from suppliers in paper.

5. Document loss risk.

6. High involvement in tasks not related to the core business.


Timing reduction by avoiding printing out and sending all invoices in the mail.

Lower costs associated with printing, invoicing and storage.

Improved information security 

Cutting of paper use and its transport, helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

Document loss risk reduced

Streamlining of invoice access

• Centralized access to documents through site.



Technology for the translation of image documents into text search files providing standardized extraction of information to be used in processes of identification, categorization and data analysis. .


Application of the business rules application on the data contained in the documents for their distribution in approval or direct rejection flows to the issuing entities.

Registered digitation

Registered digitation by the public administration for the digitization of documents and their subsequent destruction according to the legal provisions required by the tax authorities.

Supplier site

Web environment for suppliers for invoice management and updating.

Electronic Invoicing

Electronic signature systems for documents issued to clients to guarantee content integrity and its availability to the recipients.

Interchange platform

System environment enabling file exchange between SGAIM and its clients. Adapted for exchange through web service, FTPS protocols, and integration with email accounts.


Ticket scanning app, content recognition integrated with document management and accounting.



Leading company in Spain within the life products insurance sector with over 1M insured clients removes accounting invoice circuit thanks to SGAIM’s profesional services following their “zero paper” goal.

Power industry

Worldwide expert company in the professional distribution pf products and services for the energetic sector with over 20.000 clients in Spain achieves over 80% reduction of the postal invoice using SGAIM services such as printing and enveloping.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance company with over 60 years of experience cuts invoice collection by over 70% due to SGAIM’s Solutions, including Medical acts conciliation.

Transport Infrastructures

One of the main transport and service operators uses SGAIM’s supplier site services to improve supplier relations, reporting invoice status and cutting management times by over 70%.

Food distribution

German multinational distributor of food products over 60M turnoverin Spain uses SGAIM’s Invoicing Services to optimize digital invoices delivery to its customers, largely cutting paper costs.

Chemical distribution

German multinational leading in the distribution of chemical products with more than 7,000 clients in Spain uses SGAIM’s Invoicing Services to automate invoice reception process process with registered digitization, guaranteeing that payment documents have not been modified.

Bio fuel

Leading biofuel production company in Europe streamlines and reduces by 40% the supplier invoice management using SGAIM’s invoicing services.

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