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Human Resources

Advanced digital transformation solutions to optimize processes regarding human resources management in the company.

SGAIM solutions allow efficient management of all documents regarding the employee's work record on paper or electronic format.

In workforce hiring contexts, time records and activity tracking SGAIM’s cloud solutions provide immediate efficiency.

We make the transition from paper processes into digital formats. From digitizing the historical record on paper for its automatic classification and exploitation to the implementation of electronic labor hiring solutions, recording of working hours and registered monitoring of employee activity.

Specific solutions

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Digitization, automatic classification and electronic document management

SGAIM offers a 360º solution integrating document digitization, automatic classification and management on the TTID web search.

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Electronic signature of contracts

SGAIM's solution allows customizing contract models as well as managing their signature both in person and remotely on the employee's device. All contracting processes are subject to electronic dating and notarial custody.

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Working hour records

SGAIM's workday registration solution provides maximum flexibility in the definition of locations, time slots and management of requests for days off. Supervisors can monitor access, overtime and presence of assigned employees.

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Activity Log and Monitoring

The registered recording and monitoring of employee activity solution enables the customization of the recording of the applications used by each employee based on the usage policy defined by each organization. Daily activity reports are subject to electronic record and notarial custody for their registration before third parties.



1. Excessive use of paper as a document format regarding the employee’s work files.

2. Complex file management and a need to apply manual controls on renovations, modifications and so on.

3. Document loss due to filing or refiling mistakes.

4. Need for parties to be all present at same time when to managing

5. Lack of control and tracking over signature proccesses involving different participants.

6. Risk of GDPR breaches during document management access as well as lack of management of the consent cycle by document type.


Immediate availability of the information from any location and device.

Space saving since documents do not need to be stored at the facilities.

Security, integrity and confidentiality of the information with limited access to only authorized people.

Cost reduction, minimazing or suppressing the custody and printing chain.

Process optimization and travel or face-to-face matching requirements reduction.

Information loss risks reduced.

Automation of processes in compliance with GDPR



Digitizing paper documents and storing their images using computational technology. Document’s image is converted into numeric codes to be digitally treated using  OCR software.  Digitized information enables reduced volume data storage.

Electronic act of evidence

Registration system with legal validoty for signature and electronic notifications between employees and company.


Automated procedure woth OCR technology enabling ordering of the documents in the file by type, time and relevance.

Technologic conservation

File physycal custody and conservation in facilities compliant of the protection and access limitation policies.


Business rules engine applied to the data in the documents, aimed at managing notices and alerts for cancellations, renewals and terminations.


Web document manager for data consultation and document retrieval, protected with limited access policies.

Exercise of rights

Automated system for executing the obligations derived from GDPR regarding the blocking, cancellation, removal or deletion of personal data.



Spanish multinational company of the Food sector uses the Human Resources file management service to facilitate the search and consultation of company personnel documentation, reducing location time by more than 90%.


Global Outsourcing Company with more than 50,000 employees uses SGAIM Services to improve the management of HR files making them available online in real time.

Electronic Material

Multinational company specialized in electrical material distribution uses SGAIM’s HR File Management Services, achieving more efficient management as well as increasing employees’ information security.

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