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Document process optimization
process optimization

SGAIM helps companies and organizations to improve in the optimization of document and information management processes involved in the relationship with third parties and in decision-making.

SGAIM's process optimization solutions are based on the improvement of a specific set of parameters aiming at minimazing costs and maximizing performance and efficiency.

SGAIM offers fast and efficient business process implementation services that comply with the new legal regulations and allow increasing agility in decision making.

Specific solutions


Digitization and indexing

File management for the identification of documents and extraction of key data for customer operations solution.

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‘To be returned signed’ Management

SGAIM provides an innovative solution to manage contracts through the automation of processes and designing "Return Signed" forms. This is achieved by acquiring control of signatures and corrections in the contracts returned by the client, in addition to the issueing of files with the extracted data, which are updated in the client's application.


Automatic classification of incoming correspondence

Solution for the digitization, categorization and data extraction through a series of parameters, automatically distributing correspondence to each department or person. Risks are reduced and processes optimized, achieving efficient and effective improvement. In this way, risks are reduced and processes are optimised, achieving an efficient and effective improvement.


Exercise of rights

Data extraction is used in commercial communications and product campaigns in order to indentify consents that have been accepted by the clients. By updating databases for clients linking use purposes to the documents as well as the appliccable rights policies.




Operational risk caused by low level of automation

2. Slow processing of document tasks

Lack of traceability of document statuses

4. Time wasted in manual paper handling

5. Trouble managing large volume of documentation.


Document processing improved efficiency.
Automation of tasks in order to avoid investing resources in functions outside the core business.
Agility in the decision-making process
Time and resources saved
Increased document processing capacity.
Automated quality control to guarantee service level.



Secure information exchange methodologies aimed at protocolizing data updating as well as documents between supplier-customer systems.


Technology for the translation of image documents into text search files providing standardized extraction of information to be used in processes of identification, categorization and data analysis.


Technology for the assigment of one or more categories to a document following different criteria (functional, logical, process ...) or document attributes such as phrases or keywords, presence of barcodes, brands, etc.

Successful cases / client


Leading company whithin the insurance sector in Spain cuts email management within the accident area by more than 95%, saving in operating costs and optimizing the organization of documentation.


Spanish Multinational Insurance and Reinsurance, present in more than 50 countries, manages to optimize its traditional internal processes by 65%, reducing paper consumption and enabling the allocation of spaces to other activities through their digital transformation process.

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