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Document Management

Solutions applicable in customer contexts with no documentat file policy, or where it’s not applied in a controlled and secure way.

We carry out the complete management of the physical file; from the inventory of the documentation to its custody and final destruction.

Document archive is a strategic function in a company. For technical, legal, economic and social reasons, files must be available and accessible.

We develop the most appropriate system to manage files according to the strategies of each company, avoiding the accumulation of poorly coded files or with no inventory.

Specific solutions

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Specific operations in document inventory and its link to conservation supports, its transport to management centers, and its location in custody racks for its preservation.

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Operations aimed at managing the client's demand for documents. This solution enables control of the document traceability from their initial request to their final return.



SGAIM boasts expertise and knowledge in document management, and together with its specialists in information management, accompanies its clients in the creation of a filing policy compliant with current regulations on security of access to information and personal data protection.

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Conservation of physical documents in standardized formats throughout the active validity period of the documentation.

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Digitized documents go through a process of extraction of relevant data for the client.

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Selection of expired documentation according to specific policies of conservation, expurgation and preparation for its final destruction. Recorded process guaranteeing total elimination of expired files.


Resistances Efficiency

1. Decentralized file management

2. File duplications

3. High costs in file square meters

4. GDPR fines and penalties

5. Lost documentation

6. Not having the original documentation at the time

Achieved benefits

Recovery of formerly filing spaces for the company’s core activity
Standardization of company policies on document management
Time saved in documentation management
Information security, integrity and confidentiality
Ease and agility of access to documentation
Immediate availability of information from anywhere


Registered digitization

The process through which a digitized document is granted the same value as the original.


Request for in custody document search for their digitization on demand or physical delivery.


Web document manager for data consultation and document retrieval, protected with limited access policies.

TTID On Demand

On demand digitization of one or more documents and images publication on the TTID web document manager.



One of the largest multinational chains in retail worldwide reduces complaint management times and makes the documents required available to their clients immediately thus achieving an improvement in customer relations.


International Pharmaceutical Company implements SGAIM’s Document Management Service, improving the availability of crucial information for its activity (Prospectuses, Laboratory Studies, etc.), also allowing the reuse of spaces formerly dedicated to document storage.


Insurance Company with more than 130 years of experience in the Spanish market trusts SGAIM’s efficient documentation management of the different departments of the company reducing its operating costs and moving towards the ‘0 paper’ objective.

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