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Delivery notes for goods and services optimization managemement.

We enable monitoring and control of delivery notes by digitally accessing the information, thus completing the billing process.

At SGAIM we carry out gradual digital transformation projects, from streamlining current processes involving paper to the implementation of new fully digital solutions. We digitize paper delivery notes, make them digitally available to the client and then include them into the electronic delivery note platform, proving both the delivery of a good and the provision of a service.

Specific solutions

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- Digitization, automatic classification and online document management

Comprehensive solution for digitizing paper documents, automatic classification by document typology and making data and images available in the TTID document manager.

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Electronic delivery / service note

Reception of goods or service provision confirmation through digital signature on tactile devices

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Electronic delivery note

SGAIM has a specific solution for electronically managing delivery notes for goods and services as well as reception confirmations at click & collect points in large distribution areas. We enable monitoring and control of delivery notes by digitally accessing the information, thus completing the billing process.



1. Document reception in multiple formats: paper, EDI, pdf.

2.Maintenance of multiple document entry channels.

3. Document formats variability hindering treatment automation

4. Electronic delivery requirements subject to the final clients policies.

5. Time spent handling supplier claims.

6. Barely productive approval, control and distribution of documents for document accounting.


Reduction of time spent in printing and mailing invoices tasks.

Reduction of costs regarding issueing, emailing and storage of digital invoicing.

Approval flows optimizations

Systematization of the accounting process

Paper use and its transportation are cut thus helping improve the environment.
Document loss risk is reduced.

Easy and quick access to invoices

Client and supplier management efficiency



Process of capturing paper documents then storing images using computer technology. Process of capturing paper documents then storing images using computer technology. The result converts the document image into numerical codes to be processed by computer using  OCR software. Digitized information enables reduced volume data storage.


Technology for the translation of image documents into text search files providing standardized extraction of information to be used in processes of identification, categorization and data analysis.


Online document management for consultation, document and their data recovery protected by limited access policies.

Digital evidence

Certification system with probatory quality for digital signature and notification actions between employees and company.


SGAIM has a series of functions and procedures enabling access to their service features and data.


Electric material

Multinational company with more than 20,000 clients in Spain cuts paper use and streamlines delivery note management using SGAIM’s Electronic Delivery Note Services.

Transport and storage

Leading international company in transportation and storage of oil products in Europe, cuts documentation loss by more than 40% gaining immediate access to the delivery notes signed by clients using SGAIM’s Electronic Delivery Note Solutions.


Spanish multinational manufacturer of food products uses the SGAIM Electronic Delivery Note Service, reducing timings in the delivery note management by more than 70%.

Beverages and snacks

Multinational American manufacture, marketing and distribution company of beverages and snacks with a turnover of over a 300 M chooses SGAIM for their delivery notes management.


One of the largest food groups in Europe improves tracking of theirs order and delivery notes by more than 60% thanks to the SGAIM Electronic Delivery Note Service.

Frozen bakery

Frozen dough for bakery and pastries leading company drives out costs linked to handling and management of paper, improving its central processes and optimizing its management processes by more than 65% using SGAIM Solutions.

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