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Hiring & Onboarding

Solution adapted for managing specific documents with the aim of supporting high customer operations and products and services contracts.

We work alongside companies through all stages of digital transformation, from the document management of yearly stored paper (custody, scanning, data capture, electronic availability) to the implementation of solutions based on electronic signature as well as biometrics.

SGAIM solutions cover the different contexts of contract management: retrieval and validation of historical records in portfolio sales processes until validation; document reconciliation with transaction records and evolution from contracting processes to onboarding solutions and electronic contracting.

Specific solutions


Digitization, automatic classification, electronic management and physical custody

Comprehensive solution for digitizing paper documents, automatic classification by document typology and availability of data and images in the document manager.



Biometric digital signature environment for contracts with checkpoints for the acceptance of informed consent both for the product contracted and the use of personal data. Signed document availability for the client through registered electronic notification.


ID authenticity proof of identification

OCR solution for identification and verification of the client’s identity setting up the pertinent preventive controls to avoid identity theft.


Permanent Audit

Companies and organizations use postal notices when, due to legal demand or precaution, they require proof of information or document availability to any third parties. .


Debt portfolio sale

Properly formalized files assesment for their subsequent preparation and delivery to the purchasing party.



1. High demand regarding regulatory compliance for financial products sales.

2. Exercise of right to product information certification as well as use of personal data might be compromised.

3. High dependence on paper as a contracting medium.

4. Hindering of detection of illicit activities such as fraud, identity theft, money laundering and financing of terrorism.

5. Operational and reputational risks in the formalization of the contracting file.

6. Inspections and audits lead to large fines.

7. Loss or misplacement of document.

8. Inefficiency in post-hiring operations: debt claim, response to customer demands, portfolio sale.


Contracting file validation.  

Identification of the document types, consent marks and participants’ signatures.

Cost-cutting due to paper management through its control and recovery.

Database update with relevant information for the analysis and detection of illegal activities.

Brand image improvement following a more modern, agile and flexible customer journey.

Permanent audit on file content as well as its subsequent annexes.

• Information safety through thanks to centralized paper management and the integrity of signature processes.

• Traceability of the signature processes allowing constant update of the status of the transaction at all times.



Timestamp on electronic transactions that allows certification of the exact moment they take place.


Secure information exchange methodologies aimed at recording data and documents updates between supplier-client systems.


Technology for the assigment of one or more categories to a document following different criteria (functional, logical, process ...) or document attributes such as phrases or keywords, presence of barcodes, brands, etc.


Technology for the translation of image documents into text search files providing standardized extraction of information to be used in processes of identification, categorization and data analysis.

Evidence record

Document that guarantees the integrity of the electronic evidence collected during the electronic acceptance process against third parties.


Online document management for consultation and recovery of documents as well as their data, protected by limited access policies.


A combination of digital signature and Timestamping in order to achieve the acceptance of the proposed document. Final result holds probatory quality.



Professional bank improves customer service by reducing the time gap for availability of financial products and managing contracts with SGAIM’s Onboarding service.

Specialized banking

Specialist bank with more than 50 years experience improves security, streamlines bank liability products contracting management with inmediate availability by adopting SGAIM’s Electronic Contracting Solution


Multinational financial company specializing in the retail sector achieves that 90% of the contracting of financial products to be carried out electronically instead of on paper, thus consolidating the compliance requirements in contracting processes, reducing the carbon footprint, improving brand image and reducing response times in contract management.

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