SGAIM has led the sector for the past 30 years through technological innovation. From process optimization of physical custody through digitisation to digital registration and cognitive computing. SGAIM provides services to over 300 companies in Europe and South America.


Document management

SGAIM, document management leader improves company’s processes by managing documents and business contents in Outsourcing formats, In-House or Off-Site.


SGAIM has over 30 years experience providing ECM solutions. Their main activity is extraction and automated conciliation of data from electronic and paper documents to streamline business processes and integrate the information with their clients systems.


SGAIM implements strategies, methods and tools in order to capture, manage, store, preserve and distribute content and documents linked to business processes. Information is managed throughout its life cycle, be it paper, electronic, database or even email.


SGAIM services are used by more than 300 national and international companies in Europe and America (Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Mexico, Peru and Spain).


To provide information management solutions to streamline business processes with added value.

To streamline decision-making procedures, optimizing times and reducing costs.

To enable our clients to be fully dedication to the core activities of their business.

Integral solutions, business processes analysis services, outsourcing and system integration.


To keep on leading the sector through the application of new technologies, innovation and development for the constant evolution of our diferent service lines streamlining the business processes.



Quality certification

SGAIM’s services and solutions quality is certified.

Code  of Conduct

SGAIM’s Code of Conduct plays a key role in their corporate culture:

  • Work Culture
  • Aim for excelence
  • A sense for business opportunities
  • Loyalty and respect amongst coworkers.

Ethics and integrity are a true belief for every professional at SGAIM, which is why whoever is a part of the company is expected to comply with this code of conduct.

The aforementioned doucment must be strictly observed by all members at SGAIM. It sets the rules by which they are expected to guide their behaviour in the daily work and in their interaction with the company.