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Advanced customer interactions through Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the reference application to facilitate communication even in business and customer service contexts. SGAIM has integrated this popular application with its microservices platform to enhance and automate processes of interaction with third parties.

As a web application or service becomes popular and its use becomes widespread, the most innovative companies look for ways to improve interaction with customers and third parties through it.

Whatsapp is the Spanish market’s messaging application par excellence and thanks to the options it offers for sharing text, links, images, audio, videos and even documents, the possibility of using it in communications with clients or third parties generated a certain interest in companies.

Thanks to the collaboration of SGAIM’s ECM, Cognitive Computing and Digital Evidence units, it is now possible to manage complex processes of onboarding, change of conditions, signing of consents or more complex contracts using Whatsapp as a means of interaction.

SGAIM has developed an architecture of microservices which can be configured to work together according to the needs of each client.

With the concept of integrated microservices, it is possible to develop specific solutions that allow the client to be accompanied during the process, presenting options, requesting and evaluating documents and proposing the final document to register the consent once the options have been established.

Whatsapp has become the de facto standard for messaging-based conversations. Thanks to SGAIM’s microservices platform, organisations can implement new forms of interaction via this application.

Here are some examples of applications that may help to understand the opportunities offered by this new platform:

Consent management in educational institutions

The authorized user of the educational center selects the document template and the target recipient(s). The consent management service customizes the document with the data of each recipient contained in the CRM of the centre or in the consent platform itself. Those recipients who have authorised the use of whatsapp receive the document by whatsapp, and to authorise the proposed activity they only have to answer with the word indicated as the acceptance key.

The service verifies that the answer is the one requested and that the source telephone number corresponds to one of the child’s legal guardians, certifies the process and delivers a new message with a signed and dated copy.

Issuance of eTicket and loyalty card

At the point of sale, the customer is asked if he would like to receive the ticket in electronic format via whatsapp. If so, the ticket is sent from the POS terminal to the customer’s mobile phone using the integrated eTicketing platform. Once reception has been confirmed, a second message is sent offering the customer the centre’s loyalty card. If the customer answers affirmatively, an image of the ID is requested and after validating the data the customized contract is generated. In a final interaction via whatsapp, the acceptance of the proposed document is requested, as a contract for issuing the loyalty card by responding with the proposed compliance key or by linking to SGAIM’s biometric signature module.

Appointment management

The interested user sends a first message requesting an appointment. If the source phone number corresponds to a registered client, a day and time of preference is requested. If the request cannot be met, the closest options are offered by date or time equivalence. If preferred, the user can request access to a visual calendar to select their option. If the user is not registered, the minimum data are requested and the RGPD consent is registered before proceeding to the appointment booking.