Financial Reports

Solution based on the detailed extraction of information in official documents. Designed to support operations management in risk analysis as well as financial statements.

Investment entities manage a great amount of different certifying documents (TAC, ID number, financial statements, VAT, PIT…) in order to assess any risk involved when issuing loans or changes in the solvency levels of any company or individual in the most reliable way.

To solve this problem, SGAIM has developed a solution for the automatic collection and processing of official documents, which reduces timings and costs.

Combined with an excellent quality of the data achieved, it guarantees a correct assessment of the credit risk, allowing the information regarding the financial and corporate situation of a company to be obtained in a structured manner.

Specific solutions


Credit Risk Management: Financial Information

Solution for improving risk management through the digitization of official documents (balance sheets, income statements, VAT returns,...); their automatic categorization, and the smart extraction of information. This provides better access to data for a uick and mistake-free assessment of customer risk.


Credit Risk Management: Corporate Information

Solution designed to improve the data analysis from the annual reports of many companies. It is based on the automatic document categorization and smart data extraction to enable a quick company analysis.



1. Excessive deadlines through the financing issueing process

2. Qualified resources dedicated to back office operations

3. Subjective criteria for analysis and calculations

4. Decentralized document management


Deadline reductions in financing issueing
Standardized processes in compliance with the applicable regulations for statement interpretation
Financial statements interpretation aligned with risk analysis
Centralized information management



Technology for the translation of image documents into text search files providing standardized extraction of information to be used in processes of identification, categorization and data analysis.


Technology for the assigment of one or more categories to a document following different criteria (functional, logical, process ...) or document attributes such as phrases or keywords, presence of barcodes, brands, etc.


Secure information exchange methodologies aimed at recording data and documents updates between supplier – client systems


Standard financial format for the integration of extracted data

SGAIM Validation Engine SGAIM

It carries out validations in the additions of sums and and balances in compliance with the GCA



Leading European bank has implemented SGAIM solutions for the detailed extraction of information in official documents in order to assess as reliably as possible any risk involved when issuing loans or changes in the solvency levels of any company or individual.

Company Information

One of the largest business information compaies has implemented SGAIM’s services in order to speed up analysis of the data contained in the financial documents of many different companies.