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IDCertio Automatic validation of ID and other documents

SGAIM incorporates the automatic validation of identity documents and face recognition to its electronic signature services

As companies expand the interaction options with potential customers through Internet demand grows for implementing onboarding processes, contracting of financial or similar services with the requirements established by the people in charge of regulatory compliance.

In this context, one of the most requested features is the possibility of capturing identity documents (DNI, NIE or passport), recover the information and validate it based on the validation mechanisms incorporated in each document format.

Additionally, in some cases it is required to capture an image of the customer, holding the identity document or performing some required action, such as writing a code on a paper and showing it to the camera in order to prove their real participation in the process.

In order to offer the best user experience, SGAIM has integrated into its Digital Evidence platform the process of validating identity documents and “face matching”.

The identity document module enables recovering the information on the document, validating it with the protocols established by the issuing entities and comparing the photo of the document with the image obtained from the applicant during the process.

The main advantages of this new module are

  1. Based on our own development which enables to personalize the validation process of identity documents from other countries of interest to our client.
  2. Integrated with the document OCR platform, allows including other documents in the process (payroll, receipts, personal income tax declarations, …) and establish specific validation rules for them.
  3. Process of comparing faces obtained from the image of the document itself and the proof of life image
  4. Option to refer to supervised validation services based on the confidence percentage obtained
  5. Possibility of applying the data retrieved from the validated document (name, address, date of birth, ID number,…) in the process itself to create the contract for the applicant to sign
  6. Optimized cost per operation compatible with free or low-margin onboarding processes

The main advantages of this new module are

  1. Service-specific Rest API
  2. A customizable web environment ready for integration via iFrame
  3. Optional service available for on-site and remote e-recruitment solutions

Additional service provided by SGAIM’s document validation solution consists of the intervention of the original in order to be able to prove to third parties that the documents received are only used for the transaction carried out with the interested party. In these cases, the service delivers a modified version of the document with a watermark that contains the unique electronic signature of the transaction, thereby mitigating potential claims for the improper or fraudulent use of the documents.

For further information or to request a demo of the new identification document validation module, please contact SGAIM’s team of advisors by clicking here.