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Registered notification solution using email, SMS and postal services in order to record the contents, delivery and recipient of information and documents.

Companies and organizations use postal notices when, due to legal demand or precaution, they require proof of information or document availability to any third parties.

With the increase of digital media as well as the evolution of jurisprudence, electronic notification complements or replaces registered postal notifications. SGAIM offers registered notification solutions with the highest probationary quality, adapted to exceptional needs as well as massive processes with proof of delivery and access to the information the notification is referring to.

Specific solutions

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Email notifications

Emailing service with attachments or links to documents, recording content, exact delivery time and access to the referenced document if it occurs.

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SMS Notification

SMS service, featuring the option of combining different messages and / or including links to documents recording content, exact delivery time and access to the linked document if it occurs.

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Postal notification

Postal notification service recording content, registered automatic management and registered and dated delivery note to the recepient and required visual location identification.


Resistances / efficiency

1. Handwritten processes notification

2. Excessive timings for delivery notes

3. Manual handling of notified documents and delivery records.

4. Parallel record of notifications.

5. Absence of automatic audit processes and alternative notification media.


Automatization of the notification process
Automatic tracking of the recovery of delivery notes.
Flexible model of notification by alternative means
Cost reduction
Increase of resources of probatory ability



Integration of different types of notifications using API Rest from SGAIM.


All notification types can be used from the customized website with no need for integration.

Electronic signature

Digital objects making up each transaction (document, message, proof of access and visualization) are protected with electronic signature to guarantee their integrity.

Digital Dating

Every evidence record generated to register the content and result of a notification is timely located using digial dating in compliance with RFC 3161.

Electronic notary services

Timestamps used on each transaction are protected through the blockchain protocol and referred to notarial custody daily.

Successful cases / client


One of the largest financial entities in the world uses SGAIM’s Registered Communications Platform to send statements to their clients in real time, enabling proof of delivery and reception.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance company improves clients relations, reduces notification times and certifies communication of the modificaton of their policies’ contracting conditions with SGAIM’s Registered Communications Solutions.

Electric material

One of the main Europoean electric material distributing companies automates the process of sending electronic notifications to their clients through SGAIM’s Registered Communications Solutions, avoinding email, improving their management and being able to provide proof of notification.

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