Insurance Sector

Insurtech, borned from the mix of the words insurance and techonology refers to the application of new techonologies to the traditional insurance sector.
Due to the current digital revolution, SGAIM appreciates the advance that technological innovations imply in multiple sectors
Therefore, the insurance sector has been no less and since SGAIM we have been responsible for adapting our solutions to the needs of insurance companies today.

As an example of the application of insurtechs we should highlight Electronical Contractic and Policies Aceptance. SGAIM offers a customizable variety of procedures and certifications that verify the files content and collects the acceptance of the insured. This way the client can eliminate the paper use and keep the information available in Cloud.

Regarding the processing of documentation, depending on the claims received, SGAIM classifies and prioritizes its management, accelerating the processes and large volumes of the insurers. While, for the cancellation of the policies, the Electronic Notification Service proves the delivery of the document and its contents in any of its modalities.

Después de aplicar las soluciones de SGAIM, se aumenta el rendimiento de las operaciones administrativas en un 73,4%.

SGAIM specializes in information management. If you want to know more about the customizable solutions or you want to solve any doubt, please contact us.