Health Sector

Our society is immersed in an unstoppable process of digital transformation that affects all areas of our lives. Innovation in the Health sector reinvents the processes and experience of Health Centres, both at the service level and at the administrative and management levels.

Health Centres, clinics and hospitals are beginning to understand that the digital transformation of the healthcare system goes beyond the digitization of administrative processes, as it also involves the development of digital services for patients.

SGAIM offers solutions based on compliance with current legislation whose objectives are focused on:

  • – Streamline processes and increase productivity.
  • – Mitigates the risk and costs associated with human error.
  • – Cost reduction
  • – Security of the information

Through our solutions, we streamline acceptance processes in cases where authorized signatures are required for specific treatments or operations.

The solution of Electronic Notifications, designed and adapted to the needs of diffusion and communication like internal notes or warnings (on facilities, schedules, etc).

In a sector in which personal changes, hirings and administrative paperwork are constant, SGAIM offers adaptable solutions to each position neccesity. The effective paperwork of Human Resources files, from the personal hiring to the electronic invoice.

Después de aplicar las soluciones de SGAIM, se aumenta el rendimiento de las operaciones administrativas en un 73,4%.

SGAIM specializes in information management. If you want to know more about the customizable solutions or you want to solve any doubt, please contact us.