Educational Sector

As we live in a technological innovative world, users have become digital citizens, interacting with the environment through the development of tools and Apps that make everyday tasks simpler and more agile.

The educational world is one of the most beneficiated by the Digital Transformation. In SGAIM solutions are established to approach the schools and colleges problematics in relation with the document management and the information processing.

The process of Provider Invoices, Student Records Management and Human Resources, control of Viaticum through App, as well as the use of the Cloud Portal for the administration of documentation make the information management a simple process that brings speed and reduces costs.

In addition, SGAIM provides its digitization services in the use of Electronic Notifications to parents, representatives and staff, and Electronic Acceptance of assistance to excursions by students.

Después de aplicar las soluciones de SGAIM, se aumenta el rendimiento de las operaciones administrativas en un 73,4%.

SGAIM specializes in information management. If you want to know more about the customizable solutions or you want to solve any doubt, please contact us.