Automatic Categorisation of Documents

It is an old problem to which new technologies are applied. Traditionally, documentary typologies have to be studied and rules have to be defined or deduced so that systems could assign categories to electronic or scanned documents. The success of the operation depended on the quality of the analysis and the level of variation in the documentary background that used to be greater than expected.

The solution is supported and reinforced by the constant feedback of the cognitive systems by the quality controls and the same documentation to be treated. In this way, the system adapts to changes in documentation and to the appearance of new formats.


  1. 1. – Cost reduction.
  2. 2. – Unification of categorization criteria.
  3. 3. – Agility in the information management.
  4. 4. – Constant adaptation to change.
  5. 6. – Ability to integrate with the client’s business applications.
  6. 7. – Information Security.
  7. 8. – Rapid implementation of the entire management process.
  8. 8. – Automated quality control to guarantee the level of service.

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