Automatic Mail Classification

Against all the different incoming mail types in companies and the multitude of emitters (clients, collaborators, commercial agents, employees, partners, advertisers…), the implantation of an automated system which distributes correspondency very fast and efficiently to different areas and users becomes a necessity, avoiding possible information and time losses.

The solution rages from digitization of paper-based mail to digital and physical document through automated classification and electronic distribution.

Also it can be combined with traditional SGAIM services to derive one or multiple documentary categories for further processing.


  1. 1. – Drastic reduction of costs and time during the entire process of Correspondence Management.
  2. 2. – Centralization of the reception and management processes, ensuring the control, organization and permanent updating applied to large daily flows of information.
  3. 3. – Automatic distribution of the information to its correct destination and the application of the appropiate processes and actions in each moment.
  4. 4. – Original paper documentation can be safely guarded by SGAIM.
  5. 5. – The document manager allows having the mail content available at all times.
  6. 6. – Ability to integrate with the client’s business applications.
  7. 7. – Information Security.
  8. 8. – Rapid implementation of the entire management process.

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