Automatic Email Classification

Currently, most of the customer care or intermediaries actions are made by electronic mail. This has given birth to a new problem of having to filter and redirect all emails from generic mailboxes to those responsable for their treatment and response.

SGAIM has designed a solution based on Cognitive Computing and natural language processing to efficiently and automatically classify incoming emails and distribute them to the departments and individuals responsible for their treatment.

Also it can be combined with traditional SGAIM services to derive one or multiple documentary categories for further processing.


  1. 1. – Cost reduction.
  2. 2. – Centralization of the reception and management processes.
  3. 3. – Agility in the information management.
  4. 4. – Automatic distribution of the information to its correct destination and the application of the appropiate processes and actions in each moment.
  5. 5. – Ability to integrate with the client’s business applications.
  6. 6. – Information Security.n
  7. 7. – Rapid implementation of the entire management process.
  8. 8. – Automated quality control to guarantee the level of service.

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