Banking Sector

The financial world has changed thanks to Digital Transformation, adapting to the new way in which people relate to the environment. The SGAIM solutions are able to increase the results of the companies of the Banking Sector, adapting them to the specific needs that arise in this area.

Document Digitalisation, Electronic Contracting, Document Custody, Electronic Notification are just a part of the many customisable services that SGAIM offers to its clients in order to make bank management an efficient and digital process.

The Electronic Notification in the financial area simplifies the communications made to the clients, generating digital evidences in a certified way and conciliating the legal regulations. The ECM service unit develops specific solutions that can reduce costs and errors,  as well as accelerate the availability of information in the usual processes of the sector: Mortgage management, Judicial records, sufficiency of powers, Risk management, Credit granting, among others. Between these and other processes, SGAIM participates as an outsourcing company for the handling of information, digitalization and custody of documents.

Después de aplicar las soluciones de SGAIM, se aumenta el rendimiento de las operaciones administrativas en un 73,4%.

SGAIM specializes in information management. If you want to know more about the customizable solutions or you want to solve any doubt, please contact us.